Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Summary Response

After reading the quote by Ben Franklin in 1759, the point that he is trying to get across is that the people who are okay with extra security do not deserve freedom or safety. When reading 1984, and Little Brother there are signs of people gaining security like telescreens that watch them every hour of the day. After reading the quote, by Ben Franklin in 1759 the extra security that is added to society takes away the freedom of everyday life.

The quote, by Benjamin Franklin, correctly portrays that at the point in life when there is a threat and extra security is added to society, the freedom is taken away from both the willing and unwilling. The unwilling people who do not want extra security are not able to to live their way without their daily habits being monitored. When living in a fear controlled society, certain people are willing to live their life without the fear of others but the fear of the government. Mike Meyer a famous canadian actor, once said “People are more aware of security issues, but now they are saying ‘Hey I need an extra layer.’ It used to be that you had to sell the idea of security, [but] not anymore,” (Mike Meyer). When examining this quote by Mike Meyer, it is easy for the audience to see that when people were more aware of what was happening in society they were more concerned. When security measures were taken up a step people began to believe that it was simply a way of living.

However, some people believe that extra security, and the lack of freedom is good for society. When there is threat on the way of life, people would rather feel safe than losing freedom. This allows people to feel safe without worrying about feeling like someone is going to blow something up.As Don Hambidge, a civil engineer, stated “Safety is more important than convenience,” (Don Hambridge). Don points out that security is not completely a horrible thing when there is fear around the world. People would rather have safety than convenience or freedom.

At first glance, many may believe that that the security is more important than freedom. We cannot deny the fact that when there is a terrorist attack, having extra security makes everyone feel safe.However, it is more complicated than that because when extra security is added, the freedom on living life freely is taken away. Freedom is a valued concept and when something seems to threaten the concept people feel frightened. Freedom is more important than security because it allows people to live their lives the way that they want to without constantly looking over their shoulder afraid of being judged. As Ben Franklin stated “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” (Benjamin Franklin), clearly shows that the people who want the extra security do not deserve freedom nor security.

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